Who said this?

“How could I have known that murder could sometimes smell like honeysuckle?”

Before or After?

Is it better to read the book before seeing the film or will you enjoy both more if you see the movie first?

Does a great book make a great film? Does knowing the ending ruin one or the other? Or are they two different art forms with little impact on each other?

Let's look at some book to movie adaptations and if you haven't read the book or seen the movie, try to decide which should come first.”

  • Tune in to Danger


    Whether exposing a blackmailer or solving a murder, Jerry Jeremy hopes putting it on the air will save his job and win him the girl of his dreams in this entertaining screwball comedy debut in the Jerry Jeremy Talk Radio Mystery series.

    In Tune in to Danger, Jerry has fallen for the beautiful Christy Marshall, but his dream girl has no time for love. She's looking for the man who killed her father, so Jerry puts his hard-won success on the line to help solve the mystery.

    A Halloween theme show, a clairvoyant with a sinister companion, a magician with a statuesque assistant and a disappearing diamond bracelet all add up to Pamela Kay Paulson, Big Talk Radio's owner, seeing fifty-eight large go up in smoke. And when Madame Zoroaster, the psychic disaster, is suspected of shaking down the Pamela Kay's nephew, it's up to Jerry to straighten it all out.

    While playing detective, Jerry falls for the lovely Christy Marshall, daughter of Pamela Kay's former partner who was killed in a mysterious accident and Christy thinks she smells a rat. Hoping to win her heart, Jerry pledges to help Christy find the person she thinks killed her father. As he and Christy search for clues through San Francisco's fog, it looks as though the secret behind the death will also explain Madame Zoroaster's hold on Tony Paulson—but exposing this connection may end Jerry's radio career.

    Together Jerry and Christy Marshall face danger, excitement and Jerry's unhappy boss while they solve a murder and fall in love.  Tune in to Danger combines humor, mystery and romance in the swirling milieu of San Francisco talk radio.

      Talked to Death

      Can what you say lead to murder? It can on talk radio!

      Talk show host Jerry Jeremy lost his big city gig and is stuck doing overnights at a small Tucson radio station when his old chum, The Great Rondini, is booked into the nearby Circle-K dude ranch. Jerry turns a reunion with The Great One into a chance to take his radio show remote—and plans on getting his almost fiancée, the beautiful Christy Marshall, away from her mother's watchful eye in the bargain.

      But things take a turn for the worse—or maybe the better careerwise—when a corpse floats by as Jerry and Christy skinny-dip in a moonlit desert pool.

      A reality show competition between Jerry and radio rival Dakota Holiday to discover the murderer uncovers larceny, art scams, undercover agents, local politics, and for Jerry, the possibility for a triumphant return to big time radio—if he can stay alive long enough.

      Together Jerry and his pals face danger, excitement and an unpredictable sponsor while competing to solve a murder and put together a reality show. Talked to Death combines humor, mystery and romance in the wide open spaces of the West.

      An exciting, fun-filled, screwball adventure in the Jerry Jeremy Talk Radio Mystery series.

      • Disappearing Act


        Radio talk show host Jerry Jeremy makes a celebrity appearance at San Francisco’s Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Same-sex Marriage Benefit and falls straight—you should pardon the expression—into the middle of a murder mystery.

        In Disappearing Act, Jerry’s old chum, The Great Rondini, has talked him into being the subject of a magic trick in the show. Jerry will disappear in a puff of smoke for the finale of Rondini’s performance. However, Jerry and Ronnie find themselves caught up in backstage intrigue leading to violence.

        Just before the curtain rises, the hot-shot stage manager disappears, and before very long, Jerry discovers why. As he magically disappears from the stage through a trapdoor, Jerry’s fall is broken by the corpse of the missing man.

        When one of Jerry’s biggest fans gets arrested for the crime, Jerry and The Great Rondini swing into action searching for the real killer. After all, the publicity will be fantastic if Jerry and Ronnie solve the case, not to mention save a listener. So Jerry promises his audience that, with a little help from The Great One, he’ll solve the case right on the air.

        However, playing detective is a little tougher than the boys suppose. With potential suspects rounded up for Jerry’s radio program, Ronnie helps lay a trap for the killer. Talk radio, hypnotism and jealous lovers all help to uncover what really happened in this comedy mystery.

        Watson and the Reality Crowd

        Who knew TV was this tough?

        When some genuine reality it raises its ugly head on 'Breakthrough!', a new reality TV show, Sherwood “Woody” Holmes finds out that nothing is more real than murder. And when the ghost of Doctor John Watson pays him a midnight visit, Woody reluctantly tries to follow in the footsteps of his famous great-great-great-uncle, the incomparable and original Sherlock Holmes.

        In Watson and the Reality Crowd, producer Joan Belinsky has been murdered and Watson is worried that his beautiful descendent, Allyson Watts, may have been the killer’s real target.

        The cops have another idea though since Allyson, a contestant on 'Breakthrough!', was last seen arguing with Ms. Belinsky just before the producer was killed.

        To save Allyson, the ghostly Watson enlists young Holmes to emulate his famous uncle and solve the case. And a doubtful Woody is willing to try in order to further a deepening crush on Allyson.

        Woody, a nerdy, new media obit writer, proves he’s a chip off the old Holmesian block, as he pieces together a solution in this light-hearted mystery.

        A dead body, a hopeful heart and the internet—who could ask for anything more?

        A fun-filled debut entry in the Watson's Ghost Mystery series.

        • Deadly Vision


          Death and destruction may be predicted, but can you change your fate?

          In Deadly Vision, talk show host Jerry Jeremy is about to find out.

          Hit and run, murder and jail time may be cutting down Jerry's audience share when a clairvoyant looks into the future and sees nothing but trouble.  But wait—

          For a few dollars more, this seer will spin you a new future.  And if you don't pay up, don't worry—you won't live long enough to regret it.

          That is, until Jerry and his ghost-busting pal, The Great Rondini, decide the future is best left to our stars.  Our radio stars, that is.

          The boys go toe-to-toe with the malevolent medium in order to pull the plug on his crystal ball.

          Find out what the future holds in Deadly Vision, another screwball entry in the Talk Radio Mystery series.

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