"Well, that's me all over. Just a guy trying to get on with his life. Maybe with a little help now and then from the afterlife..."
Jerry Jeremy
from Tune in to Danger
A Talk Radio Mystery
Who said this?

“I sipped the drink. The old man licked his lips watching me, over and over again, drawing one lip slowly across the other with a funereal absorption, like an undertaker dry-washing his hands.”

Before or After?

Is it better to read the book before seeing the film or will you enjoy both more if you see the movie first?

Does a great book make a great film? Does knowing the ending ruin one or the other? Or are they two different art forms with little impact on each other?

Let's look at some book to movie adaptations and if you haven't read the book or seen the movie, try to decide which should come first.”

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As you probably already figured out, that's my name up at the top. What you may just be finding out is that I'm a writer, and my books and stories are largely set in the world of talk radio. Of course, I throw in a little murder, a lot of humor, and enough romance to keep things interesting. We wind up taking our mystery with a comedy twist.

Right now I'm working on a new Talk Radio Mystery. In this full length novel, Jerry Jeremy and Christy Marshall have made it back to San Francisco radio, but their new morning drive show is threatened when, one-by-one their sponsors are being murdered. It's up to Jerry and Christy to figure out why with the help of The Great Rondini and his smokin' assistant, Satyra. No working title yet, but stay tuned.

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In Disappearing Act, The Great Rondini, has talked radio talk show host Jerry Jeremy into being the subject of a magic trick. But as Jerry magically disappears through the stage trapdoor, he lands smack in the middle of a murder mystery.

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