"Well, that's me all over. Just a guy trying to get on with his life. Maybe with a little help now and then from the afterlife..."
Jerry Jeremy
from Tune in to Danger
A Jerry Jeremy Thriller
Talk show host Jerry Jeremy finds the girl of his dreams -- and it's murder!
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I'm Donald J. McGill and I write about radio talk show host Jerry Jeremy who's up to his neck in mystery and suspense while looking for romance. Jerry, The Great Rondini and the love of Jerry's life, Christy Marshall, face danger with a lighter touch in these novels and stories.

Soon I'll also have the adventures of new media hotshot, Sherwood "Woody" Holmes, the great detective's great-great-great-nephew, who's visited by the ghost of Doctor Watson and gets to team up with Watson's georgeous great-great-great-grandaughter.

Spend a a minute or two sampling the stories, and if you can drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

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